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Dream Skyline Built – We make it Possible

Skyline Built Pte Ltd has evolved through time and challenges to give our best to our clients.

Skyline Built Pte Ltd is a company leading the way in civil works, water tanks solutions, maintenance of various pumps and kitchen exhaust system and manpower consultancy since 1992.

  • Saves water and time
  • Economical and Environment friendly
  • An alternate to chemical treatment
  • Sterilization guaranteed
  • Safe and Sure

Vision & Mission

  • Vision is to be an Innovative global leader for clean technology

  • Our innovative “SteamSterz Technology”. Benefits of our Technology are:
    1. Saves water and time 2. Economical and Environment friendly 3. An alternate to chemical treatment 4. Sterilization guaranteed 5. Safe and Sure


What We Do?

  • Skyline Built

  • Skyline Built

  • Skyline Built

  • Skyline Built

  • Skyline Built

  • Skyline Built



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